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Last Call for Outdated Glass Cleaning Methods

Hobart LXGe glasswashers deliver superior performance.

Uncork a new era of clean with Hobart LXGe glasswashers! Sinks and traditional dishwashers have been doing a mediocre job of cleaning glassware since Prohibition. Now, you can enjoy round after round of worry-free glass cleaning. And if you ever need help along the way, our factory-trained support team is always just a call away.

Simple, One-Button Operation

User-friendly interface makes life easier for your staff.

Instead of messing around with complicated settings, Hobart LXGe glasswashers give your bartenders the freedom to do what they do best—take care of your patrons.

Run Hot or Cold

Get great results with high or low-temperature washes.

The Hobart LXGeR lets you use a cold-water supply while still achieving high-temperature wash and rinse—eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers and greatly reducing steam discharge. The Hobart low-temp LXGePR with PuriRinse technology uses potable water to effectively rinse away sanitizers. The choice is yours.

Better for Your Business. Better for the Environment.

Get cleaner glasses and do your part to create a cleaner world.

LXGe glasswashers increase your productivity and profitability by saving time, energy, and water. And with ENERGY STAR®-qualified performance, they help you save a lot more than that.

Form that Conveys Function

Sleek, stainless steel design provides distinctive style and customer assurance.

While the thoughtfully engineered technology on the inside of your LXGe glasswasher is hard at work discreetly cleaning your glassware, its high-end aesthetics will let your patrons know that you care about the quality of their drinking experience.



“Since we installed our Hobart Advansys LXGe high temperature glasswasher, our expensive Reidel bar glasses come out clean and sanitized without the smell of chlorine, allowing us to focus on running our business.”

The Whiskey House |
Ryan King , Owner

"The glasswasher just about pays for itself. Any restaurant or bar considering the Hobart Advansys glasswasher should buy it because they will save money on labor and gain productivity."

The Caroline |
Steve Smith , owner

“With the Hobart glasswasher, the water stays clean a long time, and when it’s time to replace it, draining and refilling only takes a few minutes.”

Wheat Penny Oven & Bar |
Andrew Maines , bar manager

"The Hobart glasswasher is definitely a buy! It's absolutely worth it."

Bunkers Bar & Grill |
Amber Miller , manager


Hobart LXGe glasswashers give you crystal-clean glasses, eliminating chemical residues that three-sink cleaning systems and traditional dishwashers leave behind. This ensures exceptional drinking experiences and helps you turn picky patrons into devoted regulars.

Glass Picker

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Always Put Your Best Glass Forward



The American pint glass (aka shaker pint) is the unofficial “official” beer glass of the United States. Every day, you’ll find them sliding across bar tops and restaurant tables across the country.

Common Beer Styles

Lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, just about anything

Get the Pint?

Unlike the English pint (aka Imperial (Nonic) Pint) which holds 20 oz., the popular American pint can handle 16 oz.


Heavy, sturdy, and fun. Mugs come complete with nifty handles that prevent your sweaty mitts from warming your beer. Best of all, they make it easier for you to raise your glass and toast your friends. Prost!

Common Beer Styles

Porters, stouts, Marzen/Oktoberfest, bocks, ales

Muggy Details

There’s a not-so-heated debate amongst beer drinkers regarding the dimples found on some mugs. One camp thinks they’re merely for decoration, the other believes the dimples are there to magnify the beer to help them better appreciate its appearance. Where do you stand?


An extravagant way to fancy-up your beer, goblets are designed to look cool and maintain a long-lasting head. Their wide-mouthed style lends itself nicely to deep, satisfying sips of your favorite brew.

Common Beer Styles

Belgian ales, dubbels, quadrupels, and tripels

A Goblet by Any Other Name

If goblet doesn’t bring enough gravitas to your next happy hour, feel free to say you’re drinking from a chalice.


Like the skinny jeans of glassware, pilsner glasses are tall, slender, and tapered. They are designed to showcase the color and carbonation of your beer, plus, the broad mouth helps to maintain a thick, foamy head.

Common Beer Styles

Pilsners, lagers, bocks, witbiers

Wheat a Minute!

Weizen glasses are often mistaken for pilsner glasses. Designed to showcase the heads and aromas of wheat beers, they look similar to pilsner glasses, but are usually shorter and have exaggerated curves.


They call it a tulip glass because … wait for it … it looks like a tulip! The belled shape and open lip are excellent for capturing the aromas and full flavors of malty and hoppy beers. Although inspired by a flower, drinking a beer out of the real thing probably isn’t a good idea.

Common Beer Styles

Imperial IPAs, Scotch ale, Belgian ales, saisons

Tulips are Better than One

A variation of the tulip glass is the thistle glass. It has an extended midsection and is typically reserved for Scotch ales because the thistle is the official flower of Scotland.


Taller than traditional red wine glasses, but with smaller bowls, Bordeaux glasses are designed to showcase the flavors and aromas of big, full-bodied wines.

Common Wine Styles

Cabernets, merlots

A Tall Order

Bordeaux glasses are extra tall to help send the wine directly to the back of your mouth so you get the most flavor from every sip.


Although (most likely) not related to the fictional Hollywood news anchor bearing the same name, a good Burgundy glass will help you stay classy as you enjoy lighter red wines.

Common Wine Styles

Burgundy, pinot noir

On the Tip of Your Tongue

The larger bowl and shorter stature of Burgundy glasses direct wine to the tip of your tongue so you can appreciate more delicate flavors.


Because white wines are intrinsically different from their red counterparts, Chardonnay glasses are different too. These glasses typically have smaller rims than red wine glasses and have more U-shaped bowls that accentuate the aromas of chilled wines.

Common Wine Styles

Chardonnay, pinot gris, Riesling, sauvignon blanc

Stem the Chances of Bad Wine Experiences

Be sure to serve chilled white wine in stemmed glasses so your hands don’t warm the bowl and alter the wonderful flavor that so many good grapes gave their all for.

Champagne Flute

Much better than musical flutes at holding champagne and other sparkling wines, Champagne flutes are elegant, narrow, and perennial favorites for toasts at weddings and New Year’s Eve parties all over the world.

Common Wine Styles

Champagne, prosecco, other sparkling wines

A Bit of the Bubbly

The tall and thin shape of Champagne flutes helps to maintain the carbonation of sparkling wines so there’s always plenty of bubbles in your bubbly.


Sherry glasses are the cute little siblings of the wine glass family. But don’t let their diminutive design fool you. These multi-tasking utility players are used to serve everything from fortified dessert wines and aperitifs to liqueurs and fancy-schmancy shots.

Common Wine Styles

Sherry, Madiera, Marsala, port, vermouth, specialty drinks

Short and Sweet

Looking for a sweet ending to your next meal? Sherry glasses are the vessels of choice for serving digestifs.


Very aptly named, whiskey shot glasses make life easier for those of us that don’t want to think too much about which glass goes with our liquor of choice. These sturdy, heavyweights are great for throwing back your favorite variety of brown juice.

Common Drinks

Whiskey, whiskey, more whiskey

Bottoms Up

The heavy bottoms of whiskey shot glasses make it less likely that they’ll shatter when slammed down on the bar by over-enthusiastic whiskey lovers.


If classic movies are any guide, few bar orders will make you feel cooler than ordering something “on the rocks.” And when you do, expect to get your icy drink in one of these short, stocky tumblers.

Common Drinks

Practically any liquor or mixed drink poured over ice

Rock On

Ice puts the rocks in rocks glass, and these days, those rocks come in all kinds of creative and fun shapes and sizes. Next time you’re at your favorite watering hole, be on the lookout for artisanal ice forms that range from perfect spheres to oversize cubes and custom-molded designs. Ice puts the rocks in rocks glass, and these days, those rocks come in all kinds of creative and fun shapes and sizes. Next time you’re at your favorite watering hole, be on the lookout for artisanal ice forms that range from perfect spheres to oversize cubes and custom-molded designs.

Old Fashioned

If the venerable rocks glass has a paternal twin, the old fashioned glass is it. The two glasses can be used interchangeably, the old fashioned taking its name from the classic drink with the same moniker.

Common Drinks

Old Fashioned, mixed drinks, various liquors

Not-So Old Fashioned

The renaissance of classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned has led to resurgent popularity for the classic glasses they are served in as well.


Snifters are all about surface area. Associated primarily with brandy, a snifter’s broad, balloon shape gives the spirit plenty of room to breathe while the narrowed top funnels the aromas straight to your nose.

Common Drinks

Brandy, cognac

Beyond the Brandy

Thanks in part to the craft beer boom, you’re more and more likely to see snifters being used to serve a broader spectrum of beverages as aficionados flare their nostrils in search of glassware that best captures the aromas of their drinks.

Shot Glass

Just as the name implies, shot glasses (aka shooters) are small glasses used to serve up quick-hitting drinks that run the gamut from straight liquors to candy-flavored concoctions. Shot glasses should be durable, with heavy bottoms, to stand up to the rigors of repeated last calls, boilermaker dunks, and general rough treatment.

Common Drinks

Liquors, specialty shots

Better than a Postcard

Because they’re fun and easy to transport, branded shot glasses are favorite souvenirs of travelers all over the world


Right-sized between the old fashioned and Tom Collins varieties, the highball is one of mixology’s most revered glasses. Highball glasses are perfect for drinks with a high ratio of mixer-to-liquor.

Common Cocktails

Bloody Mary, Harvey Wallbanger, Mai Tai, gin and tonic

High & Low

When you’re not quite in the mood for a tall drink from a highball, fill up its spunky little sidekick, the lowball. Same thing, but shorter.


Aside from drinking out of a hollowed out pineapple or coconut, nothing evokes tropical mixed drinks like a hurricane glass. Shaped like a hurricane vase or lamp, its short stem and curved sides add a festive flare to any occasion.

Common Cocktails

Hurricane, Piña Colada, daiquiris, Blue Hawaii

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The hurricane glass was made popular by its namesake drink, the Hurricane, which was created at Pat O’Brien’s Bar in New Orleans. Let the good times roll!


Reminiscent of an inverted sombrero, with its broad top and narrowed bowl, there’s no mistaking a margarita glass. A staple in restaurants, bars, and households, this ubiquitous piece of glassware is always the life of the party.

Common Cocktails

Margaritas (frozen or on the rocks), daiquiris.

Above the Rim

Many margarita recipes call for coating the rim of a margarita glass with lime juice and then dipping it into coarse-ground salt. Some sweeter versions use raw sugar instead of salt.


The most stylish cocktail glass of all time? Maybe. After all, its eponymous drink is James Bond’s go-to choice. Its distinctive silhouette and cool vibe has made the martini glass a cultural icon for decades.

Common Cocktails

Martinis, cosmopolitans, artisanal cocktails

Even the Dirtiest Martini Deserves the Cleanest Glass

Because martini glasses are often used as canvases for bartenders’ most artistic drink offerings, it’s critical that you keep them crystal clean.


Cosmopolitan glasses bring an air of sophistication and fun to any drink. Sort of a cross between a martini glass and tumbler, their sturdy base and flared design make for exciting presentations without the fuss and fragility of long-stemmed glassware.

Common Cocktails

Cosmopolitan, martinis, various mixed drinks

What’s in a Name?

Like many cocktail glasses, the cosmopolitan glass is named for the drink it most commonly holds: the Martini. Seriously though, it got its name from the Cosmopolitan. (Probably.)

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